Here at Pro Floor Design, we enjoy a reputation for being a top polished concrete and epoxy and flooring system installer in Ohio. It didn’t happen by accident. It’s a reputation that we’ve worked hard to cultivate and maintain. So what makes us the best choice for engineered flooring systems? Our core values. Here’s some insight into what you can expect from our team.

Motto: Safety is Paramount

Value: We believe that our team deserves to work in a safe environment every day.

Method: To ensure that our team and clients are safe, we take every precaution necessary, never cutting corners for the sake of time or money. We provide continuous, extensive training on best practices and techniques for all employees. When our employees show up to a job, they are equipped with proper training in best practices and techniques. While workplace incidents are rare, our team is trained in a protocol to mitigate any incidents that compromise safety. Our commitment to safety means that our employees feel valued and confident, therefore creating the strong professionalism that our clients pride us on.

Motto: To Each Their Own

Value: No job is the same. So, our solutions are engineered to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Method: While there are standardized, repeatable steps in most flooring installations – no job is the same. Our experienced engineers customize installation strategy to meet any number of outlying needs. From timing concerns to developing a formula for non-epoxy friendly materials, we’ve engineered successful flooring systems for a broad range of client specifications.

Motto: Practice Makes Perfect

Value: Our solutions have been expertly improved to yield consistent, repeatable quality.

Method: We’ve built a team of seasoned professionals proven to produce consistent results. Our team has a deep understanding of high industry standards for baseline techniques. Additionally, we’ve got loads of practice (e.g. projects) under our belts and the experience allows us to standardize the fundamentals of flooring system, minimizing complications and creating consistent results time after time.  

Motto: Find Solutions, Not Excuses

Value: We cultivate creativity and flexibility in seeking solutions when engineering flooring systems.  

Method: At our core, we are problem solvers. When we encounter an obstacle – big or small – in a project, we invest the time and energy necessary to engineer a solution that mitigates the complication versus rolling out flooring systems that won’t serve our clients in the long-term.

Motto: Evolve

Value: We value continued learning, continuous improvement, and constant skill development.  

Method: We believe everyone, from the founder to the most recent hire, benefits from continuous skill development. It advances us both personally and professionally while creating a value add for our customers in the process. We encourage employees to cultivate advanced skill sets both outside of work and also through ample internal training to hone skills.

Motto: Straight Talk

Value: Expect honest, transparent communication as we build long-term relationships.

Method: This is really simple. We have a strict policy of honest, transparent communications at all stages of our client engagements. Our customers come to us because we can provide a high-quality, engineered flooring system that works for their business and timeline. We are not here to sell you a flooring system that you don’t need and we won’t waste your time. You can expect nothing but straight talk from our team.

Interested in learning more about our company culture or looking for an expertly engineered epoxy flooring system? We’re here to [straight] talk with you! Get in touch at  330.615.7762 or shoot us a message at info@profloordesign.

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