Efficiency in business is a major factor in overall business health. In many industries, including small business, efficiency starts at the ground level with design. Selecting materials that will perform at optimum levels for long durations positively impacts your return on investment and productivity. The popularity of epoxy flooring systems is booming in the commercial industry. Epoxy flooring offers business owners flexible aesthetics with efficient installation, minimal cleaning and care obligations, and maximum durability – creating value. Here are five reasons why epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for your business.


Tough + Long Lasting

Non-porous epoxy resin is stain, scuff, scratch resistant, heat resistant, impact resistant, and fully sealed from moisture. Thus, epoxy resin creates a highly durable floor with unparalleled strength. Epoxy flooring supports heavy, repetitive weight loads from stationary or mobile machinery, humans, and vehicles. It does not chip or crack and is also impact, heat, fire, and chemical resistant. Its durability means that additional costs associated with repair, maintenance and replacement can be avoided with proper installation. Ideal for businesses like industrial factories, food & beverage production facilities, hospitals, automotive industry.

Easy to Clean + Maintain

The seamless surface of epoxy flooring is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. The impenetrable coating repels oil, grease and water. Dust, dirt and grime also easily away daily. Because it is seamless, impervious to harsh chemicals and repels mildew (and other microorganisms), epoxy sterilizes efficiently. Thus, you’re able to spend less over time on janitorial duties, supplies and maintenance-related repairs. Ideal for Businesses like healthcare facilities, restaurants, and the automotive industry.

Customizable Aesthetics

Epoxy is one of the most attractive flooring systems available. Epoxy elevates the aesthetic of traditional flooring – transforming plain, dull concrete into a sophisticated, sleek, three-dimensional floor. Customizable design enables business owners to choose from an unlimited color spectrum, as well as artful metallics or other personalization. You have the flexibility to incorporate multiple color schemes and branding, high gloss shine, and more to achieve an impressively gorgeous floor. Additionally, because epoxy coatings reflect more light than traditional flooring, your entire commercial space will brighten as a result. There are multiple effects of this reflectivity: decreased need for auxiliary lighting saves money on utilities, increased safety and aesthetic value. Ideal for all businesses.

Quick & Efficient Installation

Epoxy flooring has a quick installation process. Time is money, and the quick, efficient installation process of epoxy means that your doors open for business sooner. Pro Floor Design can install a floor over the weekend. While installation time varies per project specs, some resinous coatings can be cured in as little as six hours — meaning that from floor prep to final curing, a project’s complete can take as little as 24 hours. Ideal for all businesses and commercial properties.

Slip Resistant Safety

Resinous flooring systems are customizable to increase safety in commercial spaces. Epoxy flooring is ideal for food and beverage facilities because its non-porous barrier prevents the spread of bacteria. Additionally, they can also be slip resistant. The coatings are prepared with varying degrees of slip resistance to meet the safety demands of human, animal or machinery traffic. Ideal for retail, factory and industrial facilities, automotive facilities, and restaurants.

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