Pro Floor Design is excited to introduce CNC engraving services for our customers. CNC engraving is the art of using digital technology to etch grooves or characters directly onto a surface.

CNC Engraving Gives Your Brand Life

This is an excellent branding tool for small and large businesses. The technology allows Pro Floor Design to incorporate your branding into your facility’s aesthetics by taking the digital designs and engraving them directly onto the floor. This means your logo, mascot or motto can be uniquely branded onto your business’ floor.

Engraving can be done directly onto any of the following surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum

CNC Engraving as a Design Consideration

Post-engraving, you have several options. You can leave it as is, stain or polish the floor to fit your desired aesthetic. You can also stain or polish a floor before engraving your design, creating visual contrast, or engrave a floor prior to installing an epoxy resin flooring system.

One of the advantages of engraving designs into a surface is its durability. For example, say you have your logo painted on your floor. The surface may fade, chip or dull over time – especially when there is no protective coating or maintenance routine. Additionally, if you’re considering an epoxy flooring system that incorporates a logo design, painting a surface will result in uneven floor level versus engraving.

CNC Engraving is Versatile

CNC engraving services can go far beyond the floor. We can engrave sleek and functional designs like building numbers, signs on pool decks, directional signage and names on hospital and campus facilities, and more.

There is no size limit to engravings, nor do they have limitations on location. Engraving services are fantastic for automotive facilities, sports facilities, healthcare offices, city parks or green spaces, or creative suites. They can easily be applied independently or also as part of a polished concrete or an epoxy flooring system installation.

We can also engrave memorial stones and smaller projects like customized planters for commercial purposes like warning signs on pool decks and non-commercial branding to include smaller projects. In fact, to introduce the service, we partnered with a local school district to engrave planters for a fundraiser.

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