Happy New Year, everyone! All of us here at Pro Floor Design are looking forward to what 2018 has in store! Since the new year often brings a new you, it’s a great time to give your commercial facilities and small business an update. And we aren’t just talking about epoxy flooring systems. Check out what kinds of other projects are good candidates.

Epoxy Upgrades In Warehouses

Whether you are retrofitting your warehouse for better functionality or addressing problem areas, epoxy should be popping up on your solutions radar. It’s well-documented why epoxy flooring is ideal for warehouses in all industries. But, in addition to flooring, it’s ideal alternative areas such as break rooms, bathroom, entryways, and even in areas that have a drainage issue. Here are a few scenarios.

Say you’ve noticed that your facility has a couple areas in which water continually ponds, Pro Floor can apply an epoxy floor and create a floor pitch to direct pooling water to the drainage system (as suggested by Food Safety Magazine). Though installation time is contingent upon individual project specs, we can likely mitigate your drainage issues in four days or less. And just like that, epoxy resin is the solution to drainage woes.

Or, perhaps your employees could benefit from an improved (or newly installed) kitchen/breakroom. A breakroom can boost employee satisfaction but doesn’t need to meet the aesthetic demands of a residential kitchen – which is the hub of many homes. It needs to be comfortable, inviting and – above all – functional. Epoxy resin can protect the kitchen floor, cabinets and counters from spills, stains, food-borne pathogens and bacteria with a low-maintenance cleaning routine. Bonus, using epoxy resin means that if the facility should unexpectedly flood or have burst pipes, the kitchen might just be salvageable (with a deep cleaning and disinfecting).

Epoxy Upgrades in Gyms & Spas

Active living is on the rise and gyms and spas industries are exploding in markets nationwide. They are increasingly competing for business and investing in boutique environments that boast ecological friendly features. If you’re looking to upgrade your facility, build out a new gym, or address problem areas in your gym, consider cost-effective epoxy flooring, walls, counters and other surfaces. Not only is epoxy cost-effective and extremely durable (so you get a better bang for your buck), its chemical properties mean that you have an environmentally-friendly solution to common problems around the gym or spa.

Gyms and spas are highly trafficked, subject to damaging heavy objects and machinery, and ripe for microbial growth by nature. Sweat and outside debris contaminants are being continually tracked through the facility, in addition to germs from your entire host of clients. Heat, humidity and moisture, all of which are persistent in gyms, spas and saunas, create ideal conditions for bacterial proliferation. Wood flooring is porous, concrete flooring cracks and is penetrable by moisture, the grout in tile contaminates easily; all options are impossible to sterilize thoroughly and lead to bacterial growth and odor even with rigorous cleaning.

Epoxy solves these problems with chemical cross-linking, creating a non-porous, seamless surface that is easy to clean and sterilize. Safety also improves in areas like group exercise rooms, bathrooms and wet spas with slip-proof additives. All without compromising aesthetics or jeopardizing ecological outcomes, by using customizable, low-VOC resins.

Epoxy Upgrades in Bars 

Interested in protecting your bar?  Epoxy to the rescue! This means that you can transform your bartop into a nearly indestructible, high-gloss asset in a matter of days. The result of resinous coatings is a lustrous sheen that makes your bar both a focal point. It’s also impervious to water rings (because who uses the napkins/coaster), rouge ice and inevitable spills. Once applied, your bar is easily wiped clean cleaned with a neutral agent (like Sofia’s Soy Cleaner) for years. The benefits extend past longevity. Non-porous resin ups the sanitary factor of your bar because it does not permit microbial growth. Epoxy will also preserve a wood bar’s color and provide a scratch resistant barrier. Coatings are customizable to your needs and applicable on wood or concrete bases.

So, are you ready to upgrade (or install) with protective, long-lasting epoxy? Give the Pro Floor Design team a call, and our experts will tailor a commercial epoxy project to your specs!


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