If you’ve lived through a home remodel, you know how long – and hard – that process can be.

What wouldn’t we all give to snap our fingers and wake up the next morning to a house transformed? 

When our customers decide to upgrade their garages, basements, kitchens – their biggest pain point is the time commitment. So, we got creative. After all, customer satisfaction, and beautiful, durable floors, are our biggest priorities here at Pro Floor Design. To decrease wait times and concerns over timelines, we’ve designed a one-day epoxy installation package. It’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and waking up after a visit from an epoxy-bearing Mary Poppins, but it’s nearly there.

Simple. Safe. Stunning. 

One-Day Floor Epoxy Installation

Launched in July 2018, our “One-Day Floor” service package makes it easy for customers to upgrade unsightly, stained, boring concrete. That’s right. In just 24 hours, you can have a seamless epoxy floor where one day earlier lay a drab gray slab.

Customers who opt for the one-day epoxy installation simply need to move furniture out of the space the day of scheduled installation. Once the furniture is temporarily out of the way, Pro Floor Design’s expert team will use diamond grinders to prep the floor before installing your new epoxy flooring system.

The projects are typically wrapped up by early evening and you can start returning the displaced furniture the very next morning! Vehicles can be parked on garage epoxy by early evening the following day after the epoxy has cured for a 24-hour period.

Beyond the Garage

Though we dubbed it the “One-Day Floor System” the service extends far beyond the garage. With this quick, easy installation you can finally transform your basement into a man cave. You can also have your laundry room or kitchen updated with water, stain and scratch resistant epoxy flooring. Or finally replace the laminate in the den or study with a highly durable, glossy floor. Any room that has you itching for a change is a prime candidate for the quick turn one-day system.

The package total covers both floor prep and epoxy installation. Typically, the price point for most projects is about five dollars per square foot. (Note that exact costs are project-specific and depend on the size and amount of prep the space needs.)

So if you want to do some home remodeling without the long, painful process, give our team a call. We’ll create an engineered flooring solution for your unique space in [almost] a snap of your fingers!

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